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MagTrack+ activation


Set up your AvailableCar MagTrack+ account and activate your new device.


No cost for the first year.

Battery-powered, magnetic asset recovery device

MagTrack was developed to offer you peace of mind, knowing that your high value assets are protected and recoverable in the case of theft. Its flexible magnetic mounting system and once-daily standard reporting frequency make it extremely tricky to locate, even with GPS detectors.

GPS tracking is backed up by cell-ID based location information, giving you a secondary tracking option where GPS isn’t available. The device is also linked to our finder network so, should you want help recovering your asset, a recovery service with a target 1-hour national response time can be deployed to ensure your asset doesn’t get far.

MagTrack+ activation




Including VAT

Valid until canceled

No cost for the first year

Simple covert self install

Up to 5yr battery life

Thatcham S7 approved

Stolen Asset Recovery,
at your fingertips

Parksafe Magrrak app on a phone

In the event of a “Theft” scenario, select the “Hold to Recover” icon within the app. You will be prompted by a pop up to confirm the action.

Once you click “confirm”, the device will automatically be transferred to our Recovery Group, and you will now lose sight of it on the app whilst it is in recovery.

By selecting confirm, your phone will automatically dial our 24/7 recovery ARC (Alarm Receiving Centre) where you will confirm your name and contact number, after which you will be transferred to our live Operations Desk where you will be asked to confirm your memorable word, or certain characters from your memorable word.

From this point on, you will be appraised upon activity and actions taken on the contact details you have provided. Once the location and secure process is completed, the device will be placed back in your group to again view in your app.

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